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Slot machines have been around since most of us can remember. The bright lights, colourful graphics, and the thrill of potentially winning a jackpot make them one of the most popular casino games. It would be hard for you to find an online casino that doesn’t offer a vast selection of slot games, and that’s because they are beloved by players around the world.

With online slots offering so much for gamblers, it can be hard to believe they can get any better. However, with the prospect of free spins, you increase your chances of winning without having to place bets using your own money.

Want to learn more about casino free spins and how to get them? Continue reading this article.

What are free spins?

Free spins are a casino promotional offer often part of a welcome or weekly bonus provided by an online casino. You will be given a certain number of spins you can use on a specific slot machine, or you can use them on the entire slot library at the casino. You don’t have to spend any of your own money to place a spin, and that’s what makes them free.

You can get free spins as part of either a no-deposit or deposit bonus, but we will go into that later on. They are often provided to users to encourage them to sign up for an account at an online casino or to advertise the launch of a brand-new slot game.

Since these free spins are low-risk, you don’t have to worry about investing money and not getting anything back. Instead, you’ll be able to win some money that will be added to your bankroll, and it can eventually be withdrawn from your account once you have met the wagering requirements.

How do free spins work?

How free spins work is incredibly easy to understand. Most of the time, they will come as part of an online casino’s welcome bonus for new players who have just signed up. Sometimes you may be offered free spins as part of a promotional offer for existing users, but these aren’t as common and will depend on the casino.

When the free spins are part of a welcome casino bonus, you often don’t have to do much to receive them. All you have to do is sign up for an account and agree to the terms and conditions, and the free spins should automatically be added to your account. Sometimes you may have to make a deposit first to trigger the free spins, but that will depend on whether it is part of a no deposit or deposit bonus.

Once you’ve signed up and potentially made a deposit, you must head to the slot game with which the free spins work. They should automatically appear as part of your spin total, and then you can start playing to win.

Several factors will determine how much you can win with your free spins. The online casino will assign a price to each spin, such as $0.10. Other include the wagering requirements and cashout limits. These provide you with a safe betting environment and prevent the chance of any players cheating.

Types of free spins

Not every free spin you receive will be the same, and that’s because online casinos offer a few different types. For the best success, you’ll want to know what each of them is and the requirements that come with them:

No deposit free spins

No deposit free spins are exactly what they sound like. Free spins will be added to your account balance without depositing to trigger them. This means they are entirely free, and you don’t need to put any money into the online casino to use them. You often won’t get as many spins with these bonuses, but they are still trendy among players.

Deposit free spins

Deposit free spins are the opposite of no-deposit-free spins. You still get free spins to use on a particular slot, but you have to deposit them into your account before they are added. It may sound frustrating, but they do come with a larger number of spins to use and smaller wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings.

Wager-free free spins

Wager-free free spins are pretty new to the gambling world and extremely hard to find. They can be part of a no-deposit or deposit bonus; however, you don’t have to meet any wagering requirements before cashing out.

What are the wagering requirements for free spins?

As we’ve already mentioned, most free spins come with wagering requirements. This means you must wager your spins a specific number of times before withdrawing your winnings. It is hard to find free spin offers without wagering requirements, but they aren’t always the same.

The wagering requirements depend on the online casino and your redeeming offer. When you’re using a no-deposit-free spin, the chances are the wagering requirements will be much higher than if you use a deposit-free spin.

For example, if you have received a no-deposit offer of 50 free spins with a wagering requirement of 35x, and each spin is valued at $0.10, you have been gifted a bonus worth $5. However, if you win $20 from these spins, you’ll have to match the 35x wagering requirements and place bets of $700 before withdrawing these winnings.

Wagering requirements are how online casinos make money from offering free spins. While they offer you only $5, they are getting a lot of money back through these requirements. It means free spins may not be entirely free, as you may have to deposit some of your money to place the $700 bets.

Can you win real money from free spins?

Many people think free spins are too good to be accurate, but they can provide real cash if you win using them. While the amount you’re capable of winning may not be high, they are a great way to increase your bankroll for other bets or wagering requirements, even if it’s just $20.

The only thing about winning real money with free spins is you sometimes have to spend money to get it. This can come as making a deposit to trigger the bonus or meeting high wagering requirements before withdrawing it.

Advantages of free spins

There’s a reason free spins are so popular, and that’s because they come with a wide range of fantastic advantages:

  • Easy to find: Finding a bonus that offers free spins isn’t hard. Whether you need to sign up for an account at a new casino to trigger the welcome bonus or are already a user of an online casino with weekly free spin rewards, you can easily find hundreds of free spins to use each month.
  • Get to try new games: Many casinos have gaming libraries with thousands of titles, so it can be difficult to try them all. Once you’ve found one you like, you get stuck in a rut of only using that slot. However, you can find your new favourite when offered free spins for a particular game.
  • Great selection: Free spins don’t come in just one form, and if you aren’t a fan of making deposits before triggering them or having to meet wagering requirements, you can find spins with more lenient terms and conditions.
  • Opportunity to win real money: While some free spins come with cashout limits, meaning you can only win a certain amount of money with the bonus, others provide an opportunity to win a large sum. Check the terms and conditions first to see what the possibilities are.

Disadvantages of free spins

While free spins are a great way to try new games and win some real cash, they do also come with their downfalls:

  • Capped betting amount: If you place spins on a slot using your money, you can often choose how much you want to stake. However, when provided with free spins, you’re often limited by how much money is assigned to each spin. For example, a bonus may offer free spins with a value of $0.10, so if you have 50 free spins, you’ll only be able to win a total of $10.
  • Wagering requirements: The biggest disadvantage of free spins is that most of them come with strict wagering requirements. This means that even though the spins are advertised as free, you may have to use some of your own money to match the wagering requirements and be able to withdraw your winnings.

Final thoughts

If you’re new to online casinos and gambling, you should never pass up an opportunity of receiving free spins. They provide a great opportunity to increase your bankroll and even withdraw your first winnings. You can also try out new slot games without risking your own money so that you can get used to the process first.

Finding free spins isn’t hard, but you must ensure you redeem them at a reputable and licensed online casino. Read reviews before you start and check if a reliable authority has licenced the site. This will protect you and keep all your information safe during your time there.


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