Casino House Edge Explained

Casino House Edge

Ever been to a casino and thought, like so many people have, that the casino simply can’t lose? Well, strictly speaking, the casino, you’d be right. The casino can’t lose.

However, many people don’t understand why that is. Some say that it’s fixed, which implies that the casino is cheating, which isn’t the case. Yes, both physical casinos and online casinos don’t tend to lose in the long run, but that’s not because they’re cheating. At 888goals.com, we certainly don’t cheat.

Casinos win over the long term because the games that they offer are set up in a way that ensures that the casino has a slight mathematical advantage. As an online casino, we do not cheat, and we certainly don’t make the house edge a secret. We make it known that if players continue playing over a long period, then their chances of winning are slim.

The mathematical advantage held by casinos on casino games is commonly referred to as the ‘House Edge’. That’s what we’re here to talk about, so let’s get down to business.

What is the house edge?

Every casino has a house edge. It’s as simple as that. The house edge is a term that describes the in-built mathematical advantage that every casino game features.

What does this mean? Well, it means that the casino has what is known as an assured percentage return on all of the games that it offers. This ensures that the casino makes a profit in the long run. In other words, the way casino games are built means that it is a mathematical certainty that players lose a percentage of what they bet over the long term.

Now, the house edge does not mean that you will lose every bet. In fact, that is far from the truth. Lots of players win money, and plenty of players stay in profit over a period of time, make no mistake about that. You could, of course, walk into a casino for the first time, place a few bets, strike it lucky and walk out with a profit. If you never returned, you’d always remain in profit.

However, the house edge merely means that if you were to continue playing consistently for a long time, say every single day for a year, you’re highly likely to lose a percentage of what you bet over time. The house edge guarantees this.

This is not cheating; it is simply a basic mathematical advantage that we as a casino hold.

Let’s look at roulette as an example:

Each number on a roulette wheel pays 36 to 1. The numbers go up to 36, and thus lots of people assume this to be a fair payout. However, that’s not strictly true. There is a ZERO on the wheel, which means that there are 37 possible numbers for the ball to land on. This means that there is a less than 36 in 1 chance that the ball will land on any of the numbers, which in turn results in odds of 36 to 1, offering the bettor a negative value.

Having one more number than the payout suggests is how the casino obtains a slight mathematical advantage when it comes to roulette.

Of course, this advantage does not mean the casino makes money on every spin. There are many spins of the roulette wheel where we, as the betting operator, lose money. This happens all the time, and there’s nothing stopping you from winning on any given spin. After all, nobody, not us nor the players, knows where the ball is going to land, which is what makes the game so exciting, but the above setup merely ensures that the casino holds a slight advantage if players play enough over a long period of time.

The typical house edge for roulette, where there is a single zero on the wheel, is around 2.5%. Relatively speaking, compared to some other games, the house edge on single-zero roulette is quite small.

Does the house edge change?

The simple answer here is yes. Not every casino game available has an equal house edge. The house edge, or rather the assured percentage that the casino has on some games, is very small. On other games, it’s quite a bit bigger.

Blackjack is often favoured because it is one of the main casino games with the lowest edge.

Typically, the house edge on blackjack is around 0.5-1%. This suggests that over a long enough period of time, playing consistently, using roughly the same stakes, a player will lose around 0.5-1% of their money.

Again, this does not mean that we win 1% from everybody who plays blackjack. Lots of players leave having made a profit from playing blackjack, but the house edge just means that over a long enough period, we’re likely to make 1%, while the player is likely to lose 1%. This is because we have a 1% advantage built into the game, as do all casino operators.

As mentioned above, the house edge varies depending on which casino games you play. Slots (up to 10%) typically have a higher house edge than the popular traditional casino games such as the aforementioned blackjack and roulette.

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Online Casino vs Sports Betting – Pros & Cons

Online Casino vs Sports Betting

In a world where online gambling is growing rapidly, both online casinos and sports betting sites are becoming increasingly popular. Online Casino vs Sports Betting – what to choose is a question people ask.

Millions and millions of people around the world use both online casinos and sports betting sites to place bets each and every day, and the number of players continues to grow. More traffic passes through such websites than ever before.

However, if you’re new to the world of online gambling, perhaps you’re yet to decide which option is best for you. Maybe you’re a sports bettor, maybe you’re an online casino player, or maybe you’ll be into both. We can help you find the best route.

In this article, we’ll look at the differences between online casinos and sports betting sites, plus highlight the pros and cons of both.

Online Casino

Online casinos welcome gamblers to bet on the outcome of traditional casino games, the most popular being Roulette and Blackjack. Players no longer need to visit a casino in person, as they can now easily play these games from the comfort of their own homes.

In fact, thanks to the invention of mobile casino apps, players can get in on the action wherever they are. All they need to do is use a device, such as a tablet or mobile phone.

Lots of people like to play at online casinos, not only for the convenience or the thrill but because there are now lots of betting options. As well as table games, customers can also play online slots, jackpots and live dealer games.

Online Casino Pros & Cons



Sports Betting

Sports betting allows you to bet on the outcome of a wide variety of sports, such as football, tennis, or greyhounds, to name a few. In fact, nowadays, the list of sports that you can bet on is endless. Online bookmakers provide odds for you to select and place your wagers, and if you win, the bookies will pay out.

Sports betting is hugely popular among sports fans. It’s easy to see why, as sports betting gives bettors the chance to combine their passion for sports with the chance to make a little money.

Sports Betting Pros & Cons



Online Casino vs Sports Betting FAQ

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Online Casino Trends in 2024

Online Casino Trends in 2023

As the world of technology continues to innovate and improve daily, so do online casinos. No longer are the days of visiting your favourite gambling site and dealing with slow graphics and hard-to-navigate layouts. Instead, various improvements have made online casino gaming experiences even more realistic, from live dealer games to a wider range of payment methods.

However, is there more that can be improved in 2023? The answer is yes; many fantastic advancements are looking to make headway in 2023. If you want a sneak peek into what you can expect to see from online casinos this year, continue reading and start getting excited.

Online casinos with a focus on cryptocurrency

You can’t go anywhere nowadays without hearing about cryptocurrency, and online casinos are starting to notice this. There is a wide range of popular forms of crypto, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and they can make the gaming experience even more thrilling.

Throughout 2023, you’ll no doubt see more and more online casinos offering more choices in terms of payment options, and this will include cryptocurrency. There is also a strong prediction that more cryptocurrency-based casinos will emerge. They allow players to focus on gambling with only cryptocurrency.

Not only does cryptocurrency offer more excitement to your online gaming experience, but it also comes with tons of other advantages. You will be able to receive your winnings much more quickly in higher amounts and without any fees. However, you may need to have a bit of crypto knowledge before you get started.

Innovative technologies and quality gaming

If you were one of the unfortunate ones to try out some of the first online casinos, you’d realise how far they have come since then. Instead of waiting forever for the slot machine to spin, you’ll find out if you’ve won the jackpot in a split second. Players appreciate these improvements, and developers continue to do what they can to improve their gaming experiences.

Online casinos are fighting to be the best, especially since so many options are available on the market. Due to this, they need to ensure they’re staying up to date with the latest innovations and providing all users with excellent graphics, visuals, and sound quality on the games.

Some online casino companies are even taking things one step further with the introduction of virtual reality, like virtual sports, for example. This is built off live gaming, making you feel like you’re sitting in a land-based casino. It is still early days, but we can’t wait to see what some developers come up with.

Online casinos on the go

Not everyone has the joy of sitting at home each day and playing their favourite slot and table games. Some people are always on the go, so they need a way to access online casinos without needing a desktop computer. That’s where the introduction of mobile apps came from, and they will undoubtedly become more popular in 2023.

While most big-name online casinos have already offered mobile apps for their sites, we will no doubt see even more companies introducing their games on the go. Since data speeds have increased and most of the population has smartphones, access is much easier.

Increase in video-streaming games

Video streaming has been around for as long as we can remember. The first platform became available in 2006 when YouTube was introduced to the public by Google, and it has only become more popular since then, now with online casinos.

Online casinos have introduced video streaming onto their platforms through live dealer games, such as blackjack and poker. Instead of playing against a random number generator, you can now play against a real-life dealer in your home. The dealer is streamed from a land-based casino, providing a more realistic experience, and we can only expect to see more of these games being introduced in 2023.

A bid farewell to land-based casinos

Land-based casinos have always been the main way people have been many of their favourite games, such as baccarat and slots. However, online casinos have become easier for people to access these games without leaving their homes. You can have all the advantages of a land-based casino but without the need for travel.

No matter where you are, you can find an online casino that meets your needs. Due to this, we predict a decline in land-based casinos and up to a 15% increase in online casino players. With more updates and innovations, players will likely sign up for a new account and stay online.

Looser restrictions on gambling in the US

In May 2018, the Supreme Court in the US allowed all states to take charge of their sports betting regulations, which paved the way for much more freedom in online casinos.

You can now find sports betting alongside various other online gambling games available to play legally in over 30 states in America. And there’s no doubt that this number will continue to increase.

With these few legalisations, we will probably see more states loosen their restrictions until almost every state offers legal gambling on online casinos. We don’t know if this will happen this year, but we will see.

Introduction of online casinos on smartwatches

Smartwatches are becoming gadgets everyone wants to get their hands on due to their innovative uses and portability. Online casinos have noticed this and are starting to find ways to capitalise on this option and provide their services through the small screen on Fitbits and Apple Watches.

It is still in the early phases of development, but a few online casinos have developed apps that can be used on smartwatches. Therefore, we will no doubt see more options offered throughout the year, especially since the sales of smartwatches are predicted to reach over $14 million.

Hybrid casinos

We have already briefly mentioned virtual reality in this article, and that’s because it is a new form of gaming that people are starting to get more involved in. This is similar to augmented reality, providing a more realistic and authentic gaming experience.

Players can soon immerse themselves in virtual and augmented reality, which will take them directly into the slot or table game. This will make the whole experience much more enjoyable and provide something that has never been before.

Offering virtual and augmented reality creates a hybrid casino and offers something you won’t find when playing traditional casino games. It will make the industry much more lucrative and introduce even more growth for online casinos.

Even more welcome bonuses

When you want to join an online casino, you can undoubtedly find a fantastic welcome bonus to take advantage of. This can include anything from free spins to bonus cash that you can use on their library of games.

Since the market of online casinos is becoming even more competitive, we believe there will be a higher number of welcome bonuses and other promotions offered to players in 2023.

Players don’t have to be scared about starting at an online casino and losing their money straight away as a deposit. No deposit bonuses will enhance their initial investment and give them an opportunity to increase their bankroll for the future.

The rise of sports betting

Sports betting is one of the largest forms of gambling available in the world, consisting of 49% of the industry’s total revenues. However, when the COVID-19 virus took over the world, we saw it fall due to the cancellation of some of the biggest sports tournaments and fixtures and little opportunity to place bets.

Since the world has been returning to normality over the last two years, we have seen sports betting slowly come back out on top, and we will no doubt see that continue to happen in 2023. Therefore, you better get in there as quickly as possible to make the most out of the growth before it stops.

Final thoughts

Online casinos are getting ready for many changes in the next few months, and it is pretty exciting to think about what we can expect. As the demand for improvements grows, it’s great to know that these platforms are doing what they can to provide us with the ultimate user experience.

It isn’t guaranteed that all of these trends will happen, as they are just forecasts, so don’t take our word for it. However, looking at what happened in 2022, we have a pretty good idea of what could happen, which is how we came up with this list. Keep your eyes peeled and watch out for greatness among online casinos.

Curacao Licensed Casinos – Why You Should Join Them?

Curacao Licensed Casinos

If you have played at online casinos, you have probably heard of a Curacao Gaming License. However, do you know what the function of this license is and how it all works? If not, our handy article is perfect for you, and we will break down how it all operates and what you can expect from these online casinos. So, keep reading; you will better understand what to look for when joining one of these sites.

What is a Curacao license?

Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island formerly known as the Dutch Antilles. The island has lots of history, culture and beauty. It has earned itself a name in the iGaming industry as one of the top license providers operating outside the European Union. They have years of experience licensing and managing online casinos and operating since 1999.

Сurасао Lісеnѕеd Саѕіnоѕ аrе everywhere, the license is one of the easiest to obtain, and the requirement for new operators are not as stringent as others. So, tread cautiously when you come across this license, and do your research. Most online casinos that operate under the license won’t be rogue, but unfortunately, you will find some unscrupulous sites. Best to always check Curacao-licensed Casinos reviews. Some of the most reputable iGaming services operate under this license, one of the oldest and most recognized.

The requirements for new operators are relatively simple, and they will need to supply the following to the Curacao Gaming Board:


The business plan will need to be thorough. The gaming board will expect operators to adhere to certain requirements, including payment methods and customer service features.

Why you should use a curacao licensed casino

You are playing legally

We put a lot of faith in our online financial transactions and expect them to be safe and secure. The Curacao gaming licensed online casinos have procedures they must follow to provide players in over 200 countries a safe online experience when playing at one of their licensed sites. However, some countries ban online gambling entirely; a few examples are the United Arab Emirates, Cambodia and Brunei.

Some countries prohibit their residents from partaking in a site with a Curacao license. The reasons are that they have their gambling operators, including Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Poland and the USA.

Curacao also prohibits access for its residents, and some specific countries that have agreements with Curacao will include restrictions that ban online gambling. These include the USA, the Netherlands, Dutch West Indies, France, and Australia. It is entirely up to the online casino license holder to ensure that gamblers are not accessing the site from a restricted territory.

In a nutshell, the Curacao gaming license is one of the most well-known and sought-after by new operators reading to enter the iGaming market. As a result, there will always be plenty of Curacao casinos to join.

You can trust it

Curacao has membership in the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force, which consists of 24 members across the Caribbean states. So, Curacao agreed to implement FATF guidelines. The role of the FATF is to combat global money laundering and is also a terrorism financing watchdog.

It is a respected licensing provider that puts players first. To this end, you will have a responsive customer support service you can contact via various methods. The casino operator must also provide audit trails of all customer registrations and financial dealings. As mentioned earlier, it’s one of the longest-running online iGaming regulators and therefore is well-known in the industry. Any online casino that utilizes the services and displays them on its site would have been investigated and audited.

It is one of the most widely used licenses by some of the largest online brands, including us, at 88Goals! So can you trust it? Yes, you can. Do your research and choose your online gambling site wisely. Some sites that hold this license have been known to keep players’ winnings, so always research first.

It is prestigious

The online casinos that run operations with a Curacao license can utilize more gaming providers and, therefore, a more extensive range of games for you. They also offer some of the most secure and fastest payout methods and withdrawal times. The payment methods will include crypto, bank cards, and e-wallets; each country will have some payment options available. Withdrawals are typically processed speedily. In addition, they will offer extra security features to protect your data and your money.

Reputable casino operators will permit routine software audits by outside auditors. A website’s eCogra or TST certification is a surefire indicator of a transparent and moral online operator.

Real Time Gaming, an extensive range of games optimized for your P.C. or mobile device, is a well-known gaming software in this region. However, many casinos also use software developed by market leaders like Microgaming and NetEnt. This means that Curacao casinos will provide players with a wider variety of slots, and table games, including live casinos and other games.

Offers great bonuses

Curacao-licensed casinos offer massive bonuses. So what players are looking for the most attractive bonuses with a few free spins thrown in for good measure? We have seen bonuses of up to 1000% at some sites! The reasons are simple, license fees cost money and depending on the gambling jurisdiction, they can take a significant portion of the profits. The more robust gambling licenses, such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, cost a lot more to run with the fees and taxes involved.

So if you play at an online casino with one of the more substantial licenses, they will offer players lower value bonuses due to the fees imposed. On the other hand, Curacao’s weaker license saves money on the costs and taxes, therefore, can offer its players more significant rewards and VIP programs. If you had to compare UK casino offers, for example, versus a Curacao-licensed casino, the UK casino would offer no more than around £200, but generally, it averages about £50. However, a Curacao casino can offer up to thousands of bonus funds to claim!

The wagering conditions vary between casinos. However, we have seen some with incredibly low wagering of x10 on bonus funds. Also, check that the Curacao licensed casino does not cap your winnings, which some unfortunately do. Wagering would be heartbreaking if you won a substantial amount and then watched your balance disappear when you completed it. So always check the bonus T&Cs for yourself and see what restrictions and limitations, if any.

How to find out if an online casino is licensed?

Any reputable online casino will prominently display license details on its main homepage at the bottom. If you cannot find it, look at the about us page or the info section. It should include the license number, the address to which the casino is registered and the company that manages the casino platform.

Look at the website

Before you sign up and become a brand-new player, do inspect the website. Is it easy to find your way around, and is everything laid out? Again, make sure the license details are displayed. Look through the selection of online slots and other casino games they provide. Is there enough and a good variety of software providers?

Visit the Curacao Licensing website

If you encounter any problems, you can visit the Curacao website at gamingcontrolcuracao.org. In addition, new updates and other helpful information can be found.

Read reviews

Reading others’ reviews of the online casinos that operate with Curacao Gaming licenses is essential. The site might be modern and well laid out. However, it could be a bad site to join. When we read reviews, there is always a mix of good and bad. Therefore, how to differentiate is critical. If there are more bad reviews and there is mention of them confiscating winnings or withholding payments, then you will want to stay clear of these sites.

Final thoughts

Any new online casinos that want to expand to new countries can do so with the Curacao gaming licence. The Curacao license adopts the same principles used by E.U. gambling laws and offers top security for gamblers worldwide.

So, the main points to consider when choosing a Curacao-licensed casino are how generous the bonuses, promotions and ongoing offers are, is your payment option available, and whether you can reach customer support service quickly. Lastly, check the reviews and if you have a good read to get a clearer picture. If the site looks legitimate, you are ready to join and take advantage of all the offers and good times you will have at one of these casinos with the Curacao license.