England Premier League Betting

When it comes to sports betting, football is king. Around the world, football is not only the most watched sport, but it is also the most popular sport from a betting point of view.

Millions and millions of bettors in all manner of countries enjoy betting on football on a daily basis. We’re here to talk about what we offer in terms of football betting, though in a more specific way.

In this article, we’re going to look at our betting product for one of the most popular football leagues currently in operation. We are, of course, talking about the English Premier League, so let’s jump in and see what we’ve got to offer you.

What is the English Premier League?

Before we go any further, for any novices or newbie football bettors, here is a little bit more information on the league in question.

The Premier League is the highest tier of the male footballing pyramid in England. It is a competition which runs annually over nine months, between August and May. It is home to some of the most recognisable football teams in the world, such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Manchester City.

Currently, the English Premier League, or EPL as it is commonly known, is one of the most respected and watched football leagues on the planet. Millions of fans from around the globe tune in to watch, week in, week out.
English Premier League Betting at 88Goals.com

We know that the English Premier League is hugely popular amongst football betting enthusiasts, so we have made it our priority to deliver a high-quality betting product.

Not only do we offer betting on every single Premier League game from the start to the end of the season, but we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to access the Premier League betting markets, of which there are plenty but more on that later.

Available to both desktop and mobile users, let’s take a look at how you find the section of our website.

Just follow these simple steps to bet on the Premier League:

  • Visit 88Goals.com via desktop or browser on your mobile.
  • From our home page, select the Sports tab from the main menu which is located at the top of the page.
  • Ensure you are in the Football category, and select England from the list of countries.
  • From there, a dropdown box will appear. Click on the top option entitled Premier League.
  • This will direct you to a page of all of the upcoming fixtures within the EPL. Select the match which interests you, and you will be taken to a page with a huge variety of betting markets.
  • Additionally, from the main sports menu, you can also find our English Premier League offering via the Popular Competitions tab.

Popular England Premier League Betting Markets

Here at 88Goals.com, we provide a plethora of English Premier League betting markets for you to choose from. Whether you’re into generic bets, such as Match Result or Total Goals, or more specific bets, such as Correct Score, we’ve got it covered.

Head to our Premier League betting section from the sports/football menus, and you’ll see that there are lots of bets available for every single match.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Newcastle vs Spurs, Chelsea vs Brighton, or Arsenal vs Bournemouth, we offer markets galore, so whatever it is you’re looking to bet on in the English Premier League, we’re sure to have odds available.

Once you’re on the Premier League section of our website, you’ll notice that all of the upcoming games are displayed in time order, starting with the next game that kicks off. From this list of games, we have added quick odds for some of the most popular betting markets, such as Match Result and Total Goals. This means that you can select these bets for a game without having to open the main fixture page.

From the list of games on the primary Premier League page, you’ll see the number of markets available for each fixture. This number is located on the right of the quick markets for each game. For most Premier League games, we typically offer over 400 markets.

Here are some of the most popular markets amongst our English Premier League bettors:

Match Result (Winner)

Being the oldest and most common betting market, Match Result refers to predicting the outcome of the fixture, merely choosing: Team A win, Team B win or draw.

Typically, the team with the best form can be bet on at lower odds. In other words, they are the favourites. Big-name teams, such as Manchester City or Liverpool, are often favourites against smaller teams. In games between teams of similar standing, the home team is often a favourite.

This betting market is the easiest to find, being at the top of both the fixture homepage ‘All’ and the Match tab.

Draw No Bet

Not feeling too risky? Draw No Bet provides a safety blanket in the form of a stake return if the outcome of the match is a draw. Punters can still place a bet favouring Team A or Team B to win, but keep your mind at ease that it may not be a total loss.

To find Draw No Bet, click on the game you fancy and scroll down slightly, this market being the third bet on the page. Similarly, you can locate it on the Match tab, also the third bet down.

Double Chance

If you’re feeling even less risky, then Double Chance is the market for you. With this market, you can bet on a team to win or draw.

For example, Let’s say Arsenal are playing Liverpool and you fancy Arsenal to avoid defeat; you could bet on ‘Arsenal Win/Draw Double Chance’. If Arsenal wins the game, you’ll win your bet, and you’ll also win if the match ends in a draw. This market basically gives you the opportunity to cover two of the three possible match outcomes.

To find the Double Chance market, often referred to as DC in the sports betting world, simply click on your chosen game, and Double Chance will be the second option down.

Total Goals (Over/Under)

The Total Goals market offers lots of different options. It may be confusing for some beginners, so let’s break it down.

This market refers to placing a bet on the number of goals, being over or under a specific value. These values range from 0.5 – 5.5. For example, you can take a gamble that a match will have Over 3.5 Goals, meaning the total number of goals scored would have to be 4 or greater.

Contrastingly, betting that a game would have Under 1.5 Goals means the total score will be 1 or 0. Essentially, the total number of goals scored at full-time will have to be more or less than the value you selected.

You can find the Total Goals (Over/Under) market on the fixture homepage (the All tab), scrolling to the fourth betting market underneath Draw No Bet. Alternatively, it is the first heading on the Totals tab.

Both Teams To Score

The Both Teams To Score market does exactly what it says on the tin. Simply pick Yes or No for both teams to score a goal by the end of the match.

If you opt for Yes and both teams score at least once, you will win your bet. If one team or more fails to score, you will lose. And if you select No, at least one team will need to draw a blank for your bet to return as a winner.

To find the Both Teams To Score market, you will need to scroll down a little further on the fixture homepage. Keep scrolling until you’ve passed the Total Goals (Over/Under). As well the All tab, you can find this market on the Match tab, which is the fourth section down.

Correct Score in the English Premier League

The Correct Score market allows you to predict the exact score of the match. For example, wagering that the Correct Score will be 2-1 to Team A, and that is the outcome at full-time. If the match finishes 2-1, you win.

You will be able to find the Correct Score market by clicking on the Match tab and flicking down to the first big table of numbers.

Anytime Goalscorer

Like the above market, the Anytime Goalscorer market enables the customer to choose a player to score at any point within 90 minutes. Again, strikers and common goal scorers are generally available at lower odds than infrequent scorers, such as defenders.

To find Anytime Goalscorer on our website, simply find the Premier League game that you wish to bet on, click on it, then head to the Players tab. The Anytime Goalscorer market will be the first that you see in this section.
First Goalscorer

The First Goalscorer market is another one which is self-explanatory. Bettors can predict which footballer will be the first to score in the match.

You will have the choice of any player that is due to play in the game. Naturally, the strikers carry the lowest odds, while midfielders and defenders are available at bigger prices.

You can also find the First Goalscorer market on the Players tab, being the second table down, just underneath Anytime Goalscorer.

Additional Markets in the Premier League

There are plenty of additional markets that we offer at 88goals.com, including European Handicap, Asian Handicap, Asian Goals, Team Goals, Total Corners, First Team to Score, Last Team to Score, Team Asian Goals, Outcome & Total Goals, First Goal Method and First Goal Time.

At 88goals.com, the list of available betting markets for every single Premier League fixture is almost endless.

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