UEFA Champions League Betting

Nowadays, with the number of sports available for betting ever-growing, punters find themselves with more choices than ever before. However, one sport and one league remain right at the top of the popularity list when it comes to betting. That sport is, of course, football, and that league is the UEFA Champions League!

Football is, without a doubt, the most popular sport from a betting point of view, there can be no denying that. People love to bet on football, which is why we at 88goals.com do our best to provide excellent football betting options.

In terms of football betting, some competitions are more interesting than others. For example, even the most casual football bettors love to bet on the big tournaments, and it doesn’t get much bigger than the primary knockout competition in Europe, does it?

In this article, we’ll be looking at the UEFA Champions League, what it is, common bet types, and what we offer in terms of UCL betting. Here we go.

What is the UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League is the most prestigious continental competition in the world, with the best teams in Europe going face-to-face to try to become Champions. The UCL is held annually and typically runs from September to May, holding only midweek fixtures.

With only 32 teams qualifying, teams are determined to do well in their domestic league to aim to qualify for the Champions League. In some countries, the top 4 of their highest tier qualify. In other cases, it is the top 3, and with the smaller countries, only the winner qualifies.

UEFA Champions League Betting at 88Goals.com

The UEFA Champions League is the best of the best when it comes to European football, so we understand that it is high in the list of competitions that punters want to bet on.

This is why we’ve made it a priority to offer our customers a top Champions League betting product. We offer some great odds on every UEFA Champions League game, providing punters with a wide range of betting markets and selections to choose from, but more on that later. For now, let’s look at how you can find Champions League betting at 88goals.com.

Whether you’re using a desktop or mobile, it is easy to navigate our website. Here is a simple step-by-step guide to locating UEFA Champions League betting markets on our website:

  • Type in 88Goals.com on your mobile or desktop browser.
  • Click on the top left-hand corner of the screen, and then press Sports.
    You should be in the Football category, from there, you click on Europe, the second option down.
  • At this point, a dropdown box will show. This is where you should select UEFA Champions League, the second option down.
  • A page will appear that shows all of the upcoming UCL fixtures. Press on the game that you’re interested in, and you will be directed to a page with a multitude of betting markets and odds for that fixture.
  • Alternatively, from the main sports menu, you can also find our UEFA Champions League betting options via the Popular Competitions tab.

Popular UEFA Champions League Betting Markets

With football being one of the sports with a huge range of betting options, 88Goals.com provides a long list of betting markets for you to browse and see what you fancy. This is especially true for the Champions League. Why? Well, it’s simply because we offer the widest range of betting markets for the biggest footballing fixtures, and they don’t come much bigger than Champions League games.

The list of betting markets that we offer ranges from the simplistic Match Result (Winner) market to the more complex Asian Handicap market. There really are lots of choices, including Correct Score, Both Teams to Score and Team To Qualify. We’ve even got the more niche bettors covered with markets such as 1st Goal Time or Total Corners.

Champions League Outright Betting

We offer a plethora of betting markets for every single UEFA Champions League game from the start of the competition right up until (and including) the final.

More on that in a moment. What we also offer is outright betting. This is where you can bet on the winner of the competition. Outright betting begins just before the Group Stages of the UCL takes place, and the odds remain available, though updated, as the competition progresses.

If you fancy taking a punt on a team right from the start, you can. Alternatively, once the knockouts begin, you might think you’ve unearthed a team that can defy the odds and go all the way. Outright betting allows you to bet on that instinct.

Champions League Betting Markets (for every game)

Now let’s take a look at the betting markets that we typically offer for each and every UEFA Champions League match during any given year.

Match Result

The Match Result is one of the most common betting markets in football due to its simplicity. Being arguably the most predictable market, there are only three possible outcomes: home win, away win, and draw.

Match Result betting is very popular when it comes to the Champions League. Lots of people like to add Match Result bets to their accumulators. Why? Well, typically, in the Champions League, there are heavy favourites depending on the opposing teams, for instance, a big-name team such as Barcelona playing against lesser opposition from say, Austria or Greece. Such matches are often seen as easy to call.

To find Match Result for a Champions League fixture, click on the game of your choice, and once directed to the All page, it is the second option down.

Draw No Bet

The Draw No Bet market offers insurance if you’re not feeling brave enough to fully commit to betting on the Match Result. You can still place a bet for a home win or away win, however, you get a return on your stake if the teams draw. This way, it reduces the risk of losing, unless, of course, you’re totally unlucky!

Draw No Bet can be a good market for Champions League bettors, as it can potentially offer some value when you fancy a lesser team to get a result from one of the dig dogs, such as Real Madrid or Bayern Munich.

To locate Draw No Bet at 88Goals.com, on the All tab, go down slightly, and it is underneath Double Chance.

Double Chance

Double Chance is another great option for Champions League bettors, especially those who feel like opposing one of the favourites.

This market allows you to bet on a team to either win or draw. As long as that team avoids defeat, you win the bet. Such bets can be good when big teams, such as Barcelona, Manchester City or Paris Saint Germain, play against slightly lesser opposition. This is because you can typically get good odds on other teams to either win or draw, even if it’s late in the Group Stages and the big teams no longer need to win, and thus field weakened sides, which is often the case.

From the betting options for any UCL game, Double Chance can easily be found. It is usually the second option down on the main odds page.

Total Goals (Over/Under)

The Champions League often sees plenty of goals scored, so it’s not uncommon for bettors to place Total Goals bets. With many of the best-attacking teams in the world on show, the goals often fly in. Conversely, the UCL also throws up some of the best defensive clashes, so sometimes there’s a shortage.

However you want to play it goals-wise, the Total Goals market provides you with an option. With this market, you can bet on a game to contain more or less than a certain number of goals, with the most popular option being Over or Under 2.5 Goals.

If you head to the main list of upcoming Champions League games, you will see the odds for the most popular Total Goals option in the quick bets, though to see the full offering, just click on the game of your choosing and head to the Totals tab.

Anytime Goalscorer

Betting on a player to score can be lots of fun in football, especially in the Champions League, where many of the best goalscorers, such as Neymar, Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski, get down to business.

This market allows you to place a bet on a player to score a goal at any time during the match. If that player finds the net, then you’ll win your bet and be paid out accordingly.

To place Anytime Goalscorer bets, you just need to find the UCL game that you wish to bet on, click on it, and then head to the Players tab. Anytime Goalscorer will be the first option that you come across.

Goals In Both Halves

Yes, it is exactly what you’re thinking: will a game have goals in both halves? Simply, bettors will select Yes or No to whether they think there will be a goal in both of the 45 minutes.

The Goals In Both Halves bet is easiest found on the Match tab, and you will need to scroll down slightly to find it, located under Both Teams To Score.

First Team To Score and Last Team To Score

These two bets come under different markets but are both popular due to their simplicity. As the above, these betting markets are easy to grasp: punters can predict which team will score first and which will score last. This market can be good when it comes to the Champions League, as there are lots of games where one team is heavily favoured over the other, meaning that they’re perhaps more likely to score first or last.

Each of these markets is easy to find and can be located under the Match tab. With First Team To Score appearing first and the Last Team To Score following.

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