Betting Previews & Tips for Dec 2 – World Cup 2022

South Korea vs Portugal betting

It’s officially the end of the World Cup 2022 group stages, and after most of the teams have been battling it out to see who will make it to the round of 16, we will now see the last eight teams make their way to the pitch. Who has what it takes and will be the final four who make it to the knockout round?

Four fixtures are scheduled for Friday’s group stage games, and two will be shown at the same time throughout the day. But who will you be watching? South Korea vs Portugal or Ghana vs Uruguay in Group H? Or will you decide between Serbia vs Switzerland and Cameroon vs Brazil from Group G?

After so many fantastic games at the World Cup and so many betting opportunities, it will be sad to see the group stages end. However, the excitement of moving to the round of 16 takes over. But which of these eight teams has what it takes to make it through? Let’s take a look at what you can expect from the games and who is most likely to make it through.

South Korea vs Portugal


  • South Korea 3.65
  • Portugal 1.93
  • Draw 3.60


One of the games starting off the final day of the group stages will be South Korea vs Portugal. This one is quite interesting because Portugal is at the top of Group H’s standings, and South Korea is falling behind Ghana, so although Portugal has pretty much been confirmed as going through to the round of 16, this match is a deciding factor for South Korea.

However, South Korea has a lot to prove against Portugal as Portugal has managed to secure themselves two wins out of their other games against Ghana and Uruguay. They had a close call with a 3-2 victory against Ghana, but this was followed by a massive 2-0 win against Uruguay.

Unfortunately for South Korea, they have only managed to gain one point in the group’s standings, and this was due to a goalless draw against Uruguay. This was followed by a 3-2 loss against Ghana.

Therefore, there is no surprise that Portugal is in the lead in terms of odds and the favourite to win this game. They are already going through to the knockout round, even if they lose this match, so there is not so much pressure on their team. However, South Korea has a lot to prove and will need to win this match if they have any chance of making it through. They will also need Ghana to either lose or draw against Uruguay, but this still doesn’t make them go through a definite, and it can come down to the number of goals.

South Korea and Portugal have only met on the pitch once before, and this was during the group stages of the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Luckily for South Korea, they actually came out victorious with a 1-0 win, but this could have been down to the fact they were co-hosting the tournament with Japan.

So, although South Korea has not quite proved themselves in this year’s tournament, they have a good track record when playing against Portugal. This means we could be in for a bit of a surprise, and South Korea may want to make it a two-time win against the European team.

Therefore, due to the past game of South Korea winning and Portugal playing so well in their other two games, there is a possibility that this game could end up in a draw.

Betting Tips:

  • Score Prediction: 1-1 Draw
  • Both teams to score @ 1.85

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Ghana vs Uruguay


  • Ghana 4.10
  • Uruguay 1.84
  • Draw 3.56


If you want to switch channels while the Portugal and South Korea game is on, then you’ll also be able to watch Group H’s Ghana vs Uruguay fixture. Ghana is currently behind Portugal in the group’s standings, so a win will secure their place in the round of 16, but Uruguay has to work a little harder to make it through.

Both Ghana and Uruguay have already played against Portugal and South Korea, and both of them have not managed to beat Portugal as they remain victorious. However, Ghana gained a 3-2 win against South Korea, and Uruguay had a goalless draw against South Korea, which secured them their only point in the group’s standings.

However, although Ghana is higher up in the standings since they have managed to win a game, Uruguay is still coming out on top in the odds. If they do win and Portgual wins the other fixture, then they will have a possible chance of making it through to the knockout round.

The fact that Uruguay is ahead in the odds could be due to their strong team that just hasn’t shown its potential yet, or it could be because they have managed to win the only match that the two teams have played against each other in the past. The last time Ghana and Uruguay met was at the FIFA World Cup in 2010 in the quarter-finals, and Uruguay managed to win in the penalty shootouts.

While Uruguay is the favourite to win, Ghana may give them a run for their money and come out on top. They have already shown us that they are capable of winning a match in the World Cup, and they may be more determined than ever to make it through to the next round.

Betting Tips:

  • Score Prediction: 1-2 Uruguay
  • Uruguay to Win @ 1.84
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Serbia vs Switzerland


  • Serbia 2.53
  • Switzerland 2.67
  • Draw 3.34


After Group H has had their time in the spotlight and we know the next two teams who will make it through to the round of 16, we’ll see Group G take to the pitch and battle to get the final two spots in the knockout round. One of the games will be Serbia vs Switzerland, which is bound to be close.

We have already seen both of these teams go up against Brazil and Cameroon, but Switzerland has managed to earn them a higher spot in the standings than Serbia so far. While Switzerland was beaten by Brazil with a 1-0 loss, they did manage to come out on top with a 1-0 victory when they went against Cameroon.

Serbia wasn’t so lucky when they went against Cameroon. Although they appeared to shine in the first half, Cameroon came and scored the goals just before the end of the game, which meant the final result of a 3-3 draw. And similar to Switzerland, they were also defeated by Brazil with a 2-0 outcome.

If Switzerland manages to come out victorious in this game, then they will no doubt be joining Brazil in the knockout round. This is the same for Serbia, but this will only be the case if Brazil defeats Cameroon in their game at the same time, which is very likely.

The two teams don’t have much history, as they have only managed to meet once before, during the 2018 FIFA World Cup group stage. Switzerland managed to win 2-1, which is why it is surprising that the odds are in Serbia’s favour for this game.

However, Serbia has a fantastic team and has shown their skills in their past two matches, even though Switzerland is higher up in the standings. The goals will be close, but we reckon it will be a Serbia victory.

Betting Tips:

  • Score Prediction: 2-1 Serbia
  • Serbia to Win @ 2.53

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Cameroon vs Brazil


  • Cameroon 7.40
  • Brazil 1.39
  • Draw 4.60


Now, the match of the day we have all been waiting for. We will watch one of the world’s top football teams, Brazil go against Cameroon. Brazil is already at the top of its group’s standings, so we already know they will be making it through to the knockout round, but that doesn’t make this game any less exciting.

Brazil has already managed to secure itself two wins against Serbia and Switzerland. They had a landslide victory with a 2-0 win when playing against Serbia. However, it was a little less close when they defeated Switzerland by 1-0.

While Cameroon has played fairly well in its games, they still haven’t secured a victory. They lost against Switzerland with a 1-0 result, but they did have a pretty impressive draw when they bounced back in the second half of the match against Serbia, resulting in a 3-3 draw.

However, it is not looking good for Cameroon when they play against Brazil, and the chances of them making it through to the next round with their one point is unlikely. They have played against Brazil six times before and have lost out five times. The previous score was a landslide for Brazil, with a comprehensive 4-1 win.

Therefore, there is really no shock that Brazil is expected to come out victorious in this game, but that isn’t to say that Cameroon won’t come out fighting. It is predicted that they will be able to secure themselves at least one goal, so although they may not make it through to the next stage, they may prove themselves against Brazil.

Betting Tips:

  • Score Prediction: 1-2 Brazil
  • Brazil to Win @ 1.39


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